Scenario Analysis Tagging Example

In this example, you are using the Shopping Cart Scenario Funnel and you want to identify your Thank You Page as the conversion page.

To incorporate this information in the Webtrends Shopping Cart Scenario Analysis, set the following parameters:
  • WT.si_n
  • WT.si_p (identifies step position) or WT.si_x (represents step number)
  • WT.si_cs for Visitor Data Mart users

In this example use the following META tags on the web pages for the conversion page:

<META NAME="WT.si_n" CONTENT="ShoppingCart">
<META NAME="WT.si_p" CONTENT="CartComplete">
<META NAME="WT.si_cs" CONTENT="1">

Alternatively, if you are configuring Scenario Analysis for Webtrends On Premises, your content management system can directly assign values to the parameters as shown here:


Either approach results in the following query parameter definitions: