Scheduling Exports

Select a schedule to export Analytics 10 report data from a report or dashboard view to comma-separated value (CSV), JSON, XML, or PDF format, based on your existing profile. Exported data can be any date range you specify, and can include comparison data.

If you select more than one format in an export, the export arrives in one email with zipped attachment file containing each format requested. Comparison date ranges are also delivered in separate files zipped together in one file. Even with this compression, it is possible that the attachments could be larger than what your email client supports.

Note: Exports scheduled in Analytics 9 are not supported in Analytics 10, and vice versa.

  1. From the dashboard or report you want to export, click and then click Schedule Export.
  2. Follow the prompts in the Create Scheduled Export wizard to create and save a scheduled export. Choose:
    • One or more formats: CSV, JSON, or XML, or PDF
    • A comparison date, or turn off the comparison to choose a date range
    • Frequency of exports and starting date
    Note: To ensure complete analysis each day, Webtrends Analytics 10 looks up when the previous day's analysis was completed to determine what time of day to send an export.

You can disable, enable, modify, or delete a scheduled export in the Manage Scheduled Exports dialog, available from the menu or the Settings menu. Scheduled exports are enabled by default when you create them.