Downloading Data in PDF Files

Static PDF file downloads contain data from any report, filtered report, or dashboard as seen in Analytics 10.

All Analytics 10 dashboards export data in any view (Trend, Annotations, or Story) to a PDF file. Reports render with landscape orientation, and dashboards render in portrait view.

PDF file exports preserve the settings and states selected on the dashboard, such as Trend View, Show, and Sort By. Exports do not capture cell selections or any Add/Remove Column selections.

Tip: You can capture more data rows at a time if you hide the trend graph. If you prefer to keep the trend graph in the PDF, you can filter down to the row of interest before you export the report.
Controls are at the top right of the trend graph in a report.

Hide Chart at the top right hides the trend graph.

Heatmap exports to PDF currently are not supported.

  1. From the dashboard or report you want to export, click and then click Download PDF .
  2. In the Share dialog, click the corresponding PDF file link to download the report.