Exporting and Sharing Data

Most views in Analytics 10 have an option to share the view or the data behind the view. Additionally, you can copy a space's story view directly to your clipboard and share RSS feeds of your notes and alerts with other users.

You can export a list of all of your space names and IDs using the Webtrends REST URL Generator to build REST URLs to export your Webtrends data with Web Services.

About the Visitors Metric in Analytics 10

The visitors metric is included in exported data but not in Analytics 10.

Analytics 10 hides the visitors metric in situations where it can't be accurately calculated, like in the 7-, 28-, 91-, and 365-day relative date range modes. When data is exported to CSV, it pulls all of the data from Webtrends Web Services and doesn't hide the visitors metric. When you export a CSV file for a relative date range from the profile dashboard, the visitors metric is an estimate only.