Understanding Spaces and Profiles

In Analytics 10, you create a space to represent every site or app you want to collect data for. The space contains all of its data profiles, each of which provides a view of your space data to help you quickly find what you want and customize your report data.

You can create spaces for websites, SharePoint websites and intranets, SAP Web Channels, mobile websites and apps, and external data sites like Twitter and Facebook. A profile is automatically created when you create a space, and that profile is the default profile if additional profiles are associated with the space.

Profiles are grouped into spaces based on the domain or app name you assign to the profile. You can create profiles (in Analytics 9) that filter out certain kinds of data or only contain data from certain parts of your space. For example, in a website space for a newspaper, you might want to create a profile for each section, like sports, arts, and international.

Profiles are not available in Facebook Page spaces or any space that only includes external data and are not configured to collect Webtrends data.

Important: Spaces do not aggregate data!

The account dashboard displays all of your spaces, and each space has its own space dashboard.

About Default Profiles

Every space has a default profile of the same name that is created when the space is created. The default profile collects all traffic without configuration and gives you a broad view of the performance of the space in general. A space that contains additional profiles displays data one profile at a time for the site or app it represents.

Wherever the space is listed (like on the account dashboard or in a group or channel), the space thumbnail and data displayed with the space comes from the default profile. Data from external sources like iTunes Connect is displayed only with the default profile for a space.

Note: You can assign another profile as the default profile for the space when you edit the space.

You can change the default profile for a space when you edit the space.

Planning for Multiple Profiles

You can make more refined profiles to understand different facets of the site. If you know ahead of time that you want to make additional profiles for your spaces, make sure all pages or screens in the space have a Webtrends tag when you create the space.

We recommend leaving the default profile as-is. However, if you make changes to it, try to configure default profiles of like spaces in the same way. For example, the most meaningful view of your main website may exclude internal traffic data. If you configure the default profiles for each of your websites to also exclude internal traffic, comparing these spaces will be easier.