Creating a SharePoint Intranet Space

SharePoint intranet spaces provide measurement of unique SharePoint intranet site components such as web parts, users, documents, breadcrumbs, announcements, and site collections.

To start seeing data for your Intranet site, you need to create a space add the Webtrends JavaScript Tag to your site.
  1. Click + in Spaces.
    New space button

  2. Click SharePoint Intranet.
  3. Enter the site's domain, including the subdomain (for example, or and click Next. Analytics 10 retrieves the site's title and a thumbnail image of the home page.
  4. Optional: Add a thumbnail image for your site. Select Upload image to add an image from your computer.
  5. Name the space. Consider using the site's domain name as the name of the space if you have many sites or sites with similar names.
  6. Select the time zone used to calculate how days are defined in reports.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Download the Webtrends JavaScript Tag and add it to your site.