Creating an SAP Web Channel Space

To create a new SAP Web Channel space, all you need to know is your site's domain name and the time zone that should be used for reports. The Webtrends SAP JavaScript tag includes the v.10.2 JavaScript tag and the SAP Web Channel plugin.

  1. Click + in Spaces.
    New space button

  2. Click SAP Web Channel.
  3. Enter the site's domain, including the subdomain (for example, or and click Next. Analytics 10 retrieves the site's title and a thumbnail image of the home page.
  4. If you're satisfied with the automatically retrieved thumbnail image and name of your site, continue to the next step. Otherwise, select Upload image to add an image from your computer. You can give the space any name you want. If you have many sites or sites with similar names, consider using the site's domain as the name of the space. This will make it easier to distinguish the site on the account dashboard.
  5. Select the time zone used to calculate how days are defined in reports.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Space Details, click View Instructions to enable data collection.