Creating a YouTube Channel Space

A YouTube Channel space uses external data from the YouTube API to provide analytics for your channel. You can extend the space to include information about embedded YouTube videos by adding the Webtrends JavaScript Tag to affected pages.

  1. Click + in Spaces.
    New space button

  2. Click YouTube Channel.
    • If you previously created a connection to YouTube from Analytics 10, your associated YouTube channels are already listed. Click a channel name to create a new space using that channel.
    • To use to an account that is not listed, click Connect to YouTube. Enter your YouTube User name and password and then click Connect.
    • If you want to track YouTube videos embedded on a website and not on a YouTube Channel, click Skip this. I only want to track videos embedded on my site..
  3. If you're satisfied with the automatically retrieved thumbnail image and name of your YouTube Channel space, continue to the next step. Otherwise, select Upload image to add an image from your computer. You can give the space any name you want.
  4. Select the time zone used to calculate how days are defined in reports.
  5. Select the data tracking you want the space to use (Webtrends and YouTube, Webtrends only, or YouTube only) and then click Save.
  6. If your YouTube Channel space tracks Webtrends data, download the Webtrends JavaScript Tag and add it to the pages where your YouTube videos are embedded.
    • Click Download the Basic Tag to download the Webtrends JavaScript tag immediately.
    • Click Build Custom Tag to start Webtrends Tag Builder, which you can use to customize the Webtrends JavaScript tag.
    • Click Send Download Instructions to send instructions to the person who will instrument your channel with the Webtrends JavaScript tag.
    Webtrends data appears for the space after you have tagged the affected page with the Webtrends JavaScript tag and enabled the YouTube JavaScript plugin. For a YouTube Channel space that tracks external data from the YouTube API, reports are immediately available with data from the previous 14 days.