Creating an iOS App Space

When you create an iOS App space, you can choose to include iTunes App Store data and data collected using the Webtrends Mobile Library for iOS. To learn about how to instrument your iOS app, see Mobile Library for iOS documentation.

You will need:
  1. Click + in Spaces.
    New space button

  2. Click iOS App.
  3. Connect to iTunes or continue with Webtrends tracking only.
    • If you have an iTunes Connect account, click Add, enter your credentials, and then click Connect.
    • If you don't have an iTunes Connect account or if your app is not in the iTunes Store yet, click Skip this, my app is not in the iTunes store. and proceed to Step 6.
  4. Click an app icon to select it.
  5. Select the type or types of data you want to collect. If your administrator has disabled access to external data sources for the type of space you are creating, this option is not available.
  6. If you didn't select your app by connecting to iTunes, enter a name for your app and upload an image (optional). Click Save.