Stored Visitor Parameter

The Stored Visitor parameter identifies the unique visitor ID you assign to your visitors.


Identifies the unique visitor ID you assign to your visitors. This parameter is detected and stored by the visitor history mechanism.

Valid Value: Alphanumeric string


WT . dcsvid = visitor external ID

Webtrends Analytics 9 Considerations

If you enable Visitor History in a profile, when Webtrends Analytics 9 detects this parameter, it is stored in the Visitor History database. When the Visitor History database is exported, this parameter is exported along with each visitor for the purpose of identifying visitors.

Webtrends Visitor Data Mart Considerations

Visitor Data Mart uses this parameter to populate the ExternalVisitorID field of the Visitor table, which allows you to link to external visitor data in the Extended Attributes Database. For more information about the complete set of query parameters that Visitor Data Mart uses, see the Webtrends Visitor Data Mart On Demand User's Guide .