Tagging a Website

You can insert the Webtrends JavaScript tag in several ways: by copying appropriate tag versions to each of your website pages, using server-side includes on appropriate web servers, or by inserting the tag in the footer template.

The method depends on your needs, your maintenance practices, and the programming resources available to you. You can typically begin viewing reports 24 hours after the tags are deployed.

Note: The Webtrends 10.2 JavaScript tag has changed significantly from previous releases. For information about how to upgrade from a prior version, see the Webtrends JavaScript Tag Help.

Understanding Files in the Tag Download

When you create a Website Space, you can download the basic tag immediately or customize it in Webtrends Tag Builder and download it from the Tag Builder site. The tag is delivered in a .zip file whose name contains the DSCID of your space. The contents of the tag download are:

Deploying the Tag

  1. Save the webtrends.js or webtrends.min.js file in a common JavaScript location on your web server.
  2. Edit the path referenced in webtrends.html so that it points to the actual location of the Webtrends JavaScript file.
  3. Add the contents of webtrends.html on every page in your web site, using one of the three methods below.