Tracking Visitor Sessions

Webtrends requires that you use a strong method of identifying visitors to provide the most insightful data.

For Webtrends Analytics 9, strong identification methods are cookies and authenticated user IDs. For Webtrends Visitor Data Mart, cookies are required to track visitor-related data. Because cookies are the recommended best practice, this chapter focuses on cookies. It explains the differences between first-party cookies and third-party cookies and describes how you can use cookies to track visitor sessions. For information about alternative methods of identifying visitors for session tracking, see the Guide to Web Analytics on the Webtrends Documentation page.

This chapter assumes that you use Webtrends Analytics 9 or have installed Webtrends SmartSource Data Collector (SDC) and have configured an SDC site map. For more information about installing SDC and configuring an SDC site map, see the SmartSource Data Collector User's Guide on the Webtrends Documentation page.

Note: Information about tracking visitor sessions does not apply to Webtrends Analytics 9 Small Business.