URL Truncation Parameter

SDC uses this parameter to overcome a maximum URL length limitation imposed by Internet Explorer (Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 208427).

The URL length must be 2048 or less. If the Webtrends JavaScript tag generates a URL in excess of 2048 characters and the client browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer, the hit is truncated and is passed to SDC.


The JavaScript tag generates this parameter and sets it to 1 if the URL was deemed too long and was truncated by the tag. If present, the SDC server writes an error by default and discards the hit. You can configure logtruncatedhits=true in the SDC configuration file to log the truncated hit rather than discard it. logtruncatedhits=true can be used in the SDC configuration file to record truncated hits in the web logs.

Valid Value: 1


WT . tu = 1