Using Lookup Tables for Analytics Reports

Lookup tables provide Webtrends with information it can use to report on your web data more meaningfully. Most lookup tables are comma-separated value (CSV) files, text files, or databases.

For example, you can use a simple CSV file with two columns to replace long product or item codes with more readable text equivalents. Instead of a long SKU number, Webtrends can use the information in the lookup table to report the equivalent product name. Webtrends also uses more complex, preconfigured lookup tables to create the Campaigns and Products drilldown reports. These reports show a hierarchical data structure that allows you to drill down from more general levels of data to highly specific ones.

This chapter describes some common uses for lookup tables, explains their format, and provides information about the uses and limitations of each type of lookup table.

  • To specify a lookup table for a custom report, use the Advanced settings when configuring a dimension or measure. Using Advanced settings requires the Custom Reports in Advanced Mode user right.
  • Lookup tables are not available for Webtrends Analytics 9 Small Business.