Using Templates and Dashboards

Templates determine the report pages, tables, graphs, and funnels that your report contains. Dashboards are collections of tables and graphs that link to reports or external web data, providing an overview of an area of interest.

By default, Webtrends Analytics 9 uses the Complete View report template, which includes all the standard reports and dashboards and many frequently-used custom reports. However, you can use templates and the dashboards they contain to tailor your reports for different audiences and business objectives.

Creating all the reports in the Complete View Template can be resource-intensive, and users can have trouble finding the data they need in such a large collection of reports. Consider creating one or more smaller, focused templates. Granting template-specific access to report users who do not need the complete report set can save time and resources while ensuring report users can quickly access required data.

Note: The default templates and dashboards included can be helpful as a starting place when making a new template or dashboard, but it is best not to modify them. As a best practice, copy them first and then modify the copy, leaving the default templates and dashboards intact.