Building Queries with Webtrends Query Parameters

Webtrends Query Parameters are specially designed parameters that provide a powerful way to collect meaningful web data. Webtrends Query Parameters are passed in URLs through JavaScript to Webtrends Analytics for analysis.

By default, the Webtrends JavaScript tag defines several Webtrends query parameters. These parameters are used by pre-configured custom reports in Webtrends. You can get additional insight by adding parameters recognized by the Webtrends Auto-Configuration feature.

For example, suppose you want a page to indicate that a shopper had just added a specific item to the shopping cart. To use the Webtrends preconfigured “Shopping Cart” Scenario Analysis, you need to set the following parameters: WT.pn_sku, WT.si_n, WT.si_p or WT.si_x.

One way to pass these parameters is by using meta tags on your web pages. In this example, the following meta tag definitions are used:

Alternatively, you could assign the parameters directly. In this case, the parameters are used as shown in the following example:


Either approach results in the following query parameter definitions:


For more information about JavaScript tagging, see the Analytics 9 On Demand Implementation Guide.