Adding Custom Building Blocks

You can define many customized report objects and components that tailor Webtrends analysis to your business needs.

You can specify how Webtrends should track visitor navigation through your site, or define the user scenarios that Webtrends should analyze. You can also create custom reports by specifying your own dimensions and measures. You can associate one or many building blocks with a profile to refine and enrich your analysis. Custom building blocks include:
On-Site Advertising

Defines how to track hits to a specific ad.


Defines how to track responses to a specific advertising campaign.

Content Groups

Defines how to track site activity on groups of related pages.

Intranet Domains

Defines how to track activity for different divisions or domains.

Path Analysis

Defines how to find patterns of user navigation through specified areas of your site.

Scenario Analysis

Defines how to track user participation in site tasks such as completing a purchase or registering with the site.

URL Parameters

Specifies how to track URLs that are created dynamically by user interaction.

Visit and Hit filters

Specifies groups of data to include or exclude from analysis and reports.