You can use this dialog to apply Custom Reports to the currently selected profile.

Select each Custom Report that you want to generate for this profile. To include the built-in reports, select the Include Standard Reports check box. Click the Standard Reports link to see a list of these reports. If you do not need the standard reports, consider clearing the check box. Reducing the number of reports associated with a profile can improve performance and help report users find the reports they need more quickly.

If you created this profile before v8 and you configured the profile to Always include all custom reports, you can disable this option by clearing the check box.

Field Descriptions


Specifies whether a report is enabled for the profile. Click the column header to sort by enabled status.

Note: If this check box is grayed out, the Enabled status for this custom report cannot be changed. If a custom report has been applied globally (that is, to all current profiles), this check box is selected and gray, and you cannot clear it on a per profile basis. To change the global status of a custom report, edit it and select General.

Lists the names of the currently available Custom Report definitions. Click the Name header to sort by custom report name.

Express Analysis

Specifies whether this report is compatible with Express Analysis.

Requires Visitor History

Specifies whether Visitor History must be enabled to create this report.


Lists the type of the custom report, such as Marketing, Visitors, and Navigation. Click the Category header to sort by category.

Report Packs

Specifies the Report Packs to which this report belongs. Report Packs are groups of reports such as Marketing reports that can be licensed.

Custom Report Summary

Mouse over a custom report, and click Summary on the Action menu to see the summary listing of dimensions, measures, and filters for the corresponding Custom Report definition.

Accessing This Dialog

  1. In the left pane, click Administration > Web Analysis > Reports & Profiles.

  2. Edit a profile.

  3. Click Advanced > Reports.