On-Page Event Tracking (Website only)

The Webtrends JavaScript tag has the ablity to automatically track a predefined list of events on a page.

When you enable onclick event tracking using these, Webtrends identifies each on-page event using the WT.dl parameter. This parameter, which is passed to the dcsMultiTrack function automatically enabled in your Tag Builder tag, provides a unique event value for each type of on-page activity.

Table 1. Webtrends Unified Event Model
Event Type Config value to turn on the feature The value assigned to WT.dl
Page View sent when dcs.track() is called. 0
Download Links download: true 20
Anchor Links anchor: true 21
JavaScript Links (javascript:) javascript: true 22
Off-site Links offsite: true 24
Right Click to Download Links rightclick: true 25

JavaScript Example

window.webtrendsAsyncInit = function () {
	var dcs = new Webtrends.dcs();
	dcs.init( {
		dcsid: "dcs9x99xxxx9xxx9xx9xxxx9x_9x9x",
		//download and right-click event tracking
		download : true,
		rightclick : true,
		//default values, only include if you want to modify the list.
		downloadtypes : "xls,doc,pdf,txt,csv,zip,docx,xlsx,rar,gzip", 
		//javascript event tracking
		javascript : true,
		//offsite and anchor event tracking
		offsite : true,
		anchor : true,