The Heatmap JavaScript plugin collects the location of mouse clicks on your web page, which is used by the Webtrends Heatmap engine to generate a visual overlay of where users are clicking on a page. See the Webtrends Analytics 10 documentation for information on how to view the Heatmap overlays.

Using Tag Builder

Adding the Heatmaps plugin

Note: Heatmaps in SharePoint Analytics require tagged pages to be iFramed. For details about how to iFrame each page, see Apps for Office and SharePoint Blog.

URL Include Parameters

The dynamically generated URLs used by many Content Management Systems present a problem when trying to group pages for reporting. In particular, query parameters can cause pages to be reported overly unique because of query parameters like session ids, user ids, and so on. The Heatmap Engine uses the hmurlparams to correctly set the page's uniqueness. Query parameters not listed in the hmurlparams list will be removed to establish uniquenesss. This list of parameters must match the URL Rebuilding definition in your Analytics profile.

Example urlparams list  Example URL  How the page will be grouped
hmurlparams:"dept,prod" ./page.asp?dept=clothing&prod=jeans&userid=111111  page.asp?dept=clothing&prod=jeans
hmurlparams:"lang,color" ./apps/?JSessionid=111111&lang=en&color=gold&page=4 ./apps/?color=gold&lang=en