Inline MultiTrack Calls

The method for performing inline MultiTrack calls has changed with tag versions 10.0 and later.

A widely used practice is to add a dcsMultiTrack call as an attribute of an HTML element. With version of the tag prior to 10.0, the inlined call looked like this:

<button type='button' onclick='dcsMultiTrack("WT.ti","MyTitle","DCS.dcsuri","/test")'>Click Me</button>

Starting with tag version 10.0+ There is a new method for doing this type of tracking: Webtrends.multiTrack():

<a href=''  onclick='Webtrends.multiTrack({element:this, argsa:["WT.ti","MyTitle","DCS.dcsuri","/test"]});'>Go to Webtrends</a>