Sending custom data with Multitrack

When calling multitrack, it is very common to pass in custom key-value pairs to get added to the standard set of key-value pairs sent to Webtrends collection servers on every track event. This custom data is used for custom reporting and/or overriding the values from Webtrends' standard set of data.

There are three methods of passing custom data to MultiTrack: using the args object field, the argsa array field or passing the data as arguments to Multitrack. The args object should be a JSON object in the form { "key" : "value" }, argsa array methods uses an array in the form [ "key1", "value2", ... "keyN", "valueN" ], and when passing the data as arguments to Multitrack, use the form multiTrack([ "key1", "value2", ... "keyN", "valueN" ]).


Using args object:

	args: { "DCS.dcsuri" : "/Home/Account/History", 
		"WT.dl" : "0"}

Using argsa array:

	argsa: ["DCS.dcsuri", "/Home/Account/History", "WT.dl", "0"]
Passing custom data as arguments:
 Webtrends.multiTrack("DCS.dcsuri", "/FAQ/Search", "WT.oss", searchForm.elements["phrase"].value );