Performance Report

Evaluates the effectiveness of a test. The Performance report is available for split and multivariate tests.

Test Completion Detail

This summarizes the details of the test: projected versus actual visits per day, current conversion rate, lift needed. Projected values appear if they were entered when the test was created. Actual values are collected since the run was in Active mode. The test completion monitor replaces projected values with actual values in its calculations as more real data streams in. As a result, the projected finish date becomes more accurate the longer the test is active. The test completion monitor will reach 100% when the test page has had sufficient views and conversions to determine optimal content.

Daily Volume

Displays two data sets: total number of views per day and total number of conversions per day, both with averages. This chart is useful for inferring trends and making sure a test is functioning properly.

Note: Significant changes in this graph may indicate events external to the test are influencing conversions.

Performance Summary Table

Provides information for each page or each experiment: total views, total conversions, and aggregate conversion rate. This data provides you with the winning page or champion for a split test or the winning experiment for a multivariate test.