About Webtrends Segments

Webtrends Segments helps you quickly identify the characteristics and behaviors of specific groups of visitors. Whether you're an experienced business analyst or a web analytics newbie, drag-and-drop simplicity makes it easy to identify almost any group of visitors and export a visitor list for use in targeted programs.

Getting Started

Begin by exploring the larger visitor population, narrowing it with events and attributes to discover a segment. Then save your exploration or build a new segment. After you define your segment, you can export the list of visitors.

Check out the videos below to get an overview of each step.

  • Explore
  • Explore patterns in visitor behavior and identify the visitor groups you discover as unique segments. Break down your entire visitor population by visit and visitor attributes, by events, or even by existing segments.
Figure 1. Discovering a Segment Overview | 1min 6sec Discovering a segment in the Webtrends Segments discovery user interface.
  • Build
  • Customize your segment and save it.
Figure 2. Building a Segment Overview | 55sec Building a segment in the Webtrends Segments build user interface.
  • Extract
  • Export segment data in Data Scheduler.
Figure 3. Extracting Segment Data Overview | 42sec Video for extracting segment data using the Webtrends Data Scheduler.

Features to help you create effective segments

  • A wide range of standard events and attributes help you quickly pinpoint marketing opportunities in your visitor population and create specialized segments.
  • Refreshing visitor counts helps you assess the size and value of a potential market segment as you explore data
  • Saved segments are automatically available in Data Scheduler, which provides additional filtering for your visitor list.

Common Questions

Can I add my own events?
Yes. With the proper user rights, you can add events and attributes in Webtrends On Demand administration. Ask your Webtrends administrator.
Can I export visitor data directly from Segments?
Yes, you can generate a visitor list after you create and save a segment by clicking Create Visitor List in the segment's information panel.

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