Webtrends Data Collection API

The Webtrends Data Collection API allows application developers of non-browser based applications to feed interaction data to Webtrends data collection servers.


The Webtrends Data Collection API provides an alternative to JavaScript/image request collection by providing programmatic access to Webtrends data collection servers. You can use the API to submit data to collection servers using standard HTTP techniques.

How Does It Work?

The Data Collection API supports sending data in a POST body to a standard URI that is a Webtrends data collection server. The POST body contains ampersand-delimited key/value pairs. This method of data transmission is also known as form encoding. It supports both Webtrends parameters and custom parameters, so you can report on any application-collected information that can be passed in a parameter.

For information about the steps used to create and test an application using the Webtrends Data Collection API, see Getting Started with the Webtrends Data Collection API.

Code Samples

This site provides sample client code for a variety of platforms. For more information, see Code Samples.

Testing Your Code Against the Data Collection Server

To receive detailed debugging information, use the dcsverbose parameter. This is the primary method of testing code written against the Data Collection API. For more information, see Debugging Requests to the Data Collection Server.

Base URI

All URIs used to contact the data collection server use the following base:
(where the current API version is followed by the unique data source ID associated with a Webtrends On Demand data source).

URIs can use the http or https protocol (https is preferred to ensure secure data transfer.


Required Parameters

Effective data collection with best performance requires the following parameters:

Optional Parameters

The following parameters can be placed either in the URI or in the request body.

Any additional Webtrends or custom parameters are used to pass data to the data collection server. For more information about parameters supported by the Data Collection API, see the Parameter Quick Reference. Parameters that Webtrends auto-generates, such as some of the Visitor History parameters, are not supported.

About REST

This API uses a RESTful interface to enforce simple, straightforward communication. For more information about REST Web Services, we recommend the O'Reilly title RESTful Web Services.