About the Hybrid SDK

The Hybrid SDK answers the challenge of capturing meaningful analytics when visitor activity is dispersed between native apps and websites. It enables you to track access to content from native app events and websites, consolidate split visits under one visitor ID, and monitor inbound and outbound link activity.

The Hybrid SDK helps you acquire a complete analytics picture in these situations:

Online embedded content

A complete analytics view relies upon not only views and total duration of app use, but on content returned from web view URLs. For example, consider a movie purchasing app that presents the latest box office hits and a carousel of promoted movies. The app itself is not updated each time a user opens it, but the content returned from the web view URLs in the app is different each time, and you need to report on both in-app and online content.

Split visits

Measuring the conversion or scenario completion is difficult when the conversion event occurs outside of the app. The user of an insurance policy app may be able to view current coverage within the app, and view other coverage options on the site via links provided in the app. When the visitor exits the app, the session can be tracked on the site, but to understand the effectiveness of the app, you need to track the app activity and site activity as one visit.

Inbound and outbound links

To understand which referers are most valuable, or which advertising channels are most successful, you need to track link activity: inbound links that launch a mobile app, referral links that prompt users to install an app for the first time, and outbound links to products in an online store.