Creating User Accounts

Setting up a new user is one element in creating a hierarchical structure around managing your account base.

Best practice is to set up these elements in the following order:

  • Roles
  • Groups
  • Users

To start setting up Roles go to the main dashboard and choose “Manage Account +Users”

You will be taken to a screen that allows you to create users, groups, roles. (Note Client Apps parameters and data permissions are not available to Optimize only clients).

  • A User is pretty explanatory.
  • Group can associate roles and data permissions to users.
  • Role is a set of rights.
  • Parameters,  Data Permissions, and Client Apps are used for other Webtrends Applications and should be ignored as a user of Webtrends Optimize.

The first screen is already opened with the “Users” area and if this is the first time you are accessing this area there will only be a few users (mainly Webtrends administrators) shown in the area.

It is advisable however to add users after you have created Roles and Groups. This way you will not have to keep adding individual permissions to every new user.