Creating and Managing Roles

Roles are sets of predefined rights that you can assign to a user. Roles are specific to an application (like Optimize or Explore), and you assign them to groups. Each application has a different set of available rights.

NOTE: The Manager role has access to all application functions.

To start managing roles:

From the left-hand menu choose “Roles”  and then click on “+Create Role” 

A pop-up will appear, select either Account Settings for managing roles if you have more than one Webtrends Application, or choose “Optimize” and click save

Within the next screen:

  • This will confirm the choice you made earlier but you can change this here if you wish. 
  • Enter a role name. 
  • Select rights for the role. 
  • Click  “Save”. You’ll see the new role in the role list at the bottom of the window. 

Note: A role must have a name and at least one right before you can save it.