Creating your first project in the Visual Editor

Select the correct test type

Webtrends Optimize offers a number of project types. For this example, we are going to consider an ABn test. Some of the elements of the dashboard are currently disabled. These features exist within the platform are not currently available within the Visual Editor. These will be introduced to the User Interface in forthcoming releases.

To determine what type of test you require check here

From the dashboard, click on the “New Project” button. This will display the “New Project Wizard”

Within Section 2, highlight and click the type of project you wish to create. (The following help document will cover off an ABn test)


Webtrends Optimize New Project Wizard

Then highlight and select which editor you wish to use to create your project. A WYSIWYG (Visual) editor and an advanced editor for those familiar with coding. In this example, we will be using the Visual Editor.

Webtrends Optimize VE Wizard selection

Enter a starting point for your test – In this example, we will use

Test Start URL

Tip – It is possible to navigate within the Visual Editor to pages within the site. We could, for example, enter the home page and then browse within the UI to/invest. This facility allows you to test on pages not directly accessible (e.g. checkout pages). However, if the URL is directly accessible, then it will be quicker to enter it directly.

Tip –  It is a requirement for previewing and launch, that the page is tagged with the Optimize tag.

Once you have entered the URL, if it is valid a green tick will appear to the right of the URL.

Click on the green button marked “Test Details” to move to the next section.

When the page is processing you may get a warning as follows:

Firstly DON”T PANIC.

This is shown when there is HTTP and HTTPS content on the page. Because the Visual Editor uses an HTTPS connection, when you attempt to load a page using an HTTP connection within the visual Editor, your browser may return the above, mixed content warning and prevent the page from loading.

To continue to your test page click on the shield icon shown in the address bar – a message will pop up asking to “Load unsafe Scripts” you can accept this and then you will need to restart your new project and securely build your test or target. You will see the protocol in the address bar change to https://

You may wish to create a Target using Visual Editor see here