Create/edit a segment in the Segment Library

In the Optimize UI, you can access your own Segment Library by using the Manage > Segments option on the top right. Alternatively, you can access the Segment Library directly on


Create a new segment

To create a new segment, use the ‘New Segment’ button on the top left in the Segment Library:

You will then be able to build your own segment by dragging and dropping items from the column on the left column to the main builder screen:

You can add as many different attributes as you need, but do keep in mind the overall selection criteria that references them. In the example below showing a multiple browser segment, unless you select the ‘Match Any’ option, your segment would not work (as any given user can only be viewing the project in one browser at a time):

When you select different types of attributes (e.g.: ‘Browser’ and ‘IP address’), you will also have ‘And’/’Or’ criteria to take into account. These are very important as they are often the reason why segments malfunction if they are incorrectly set.

Once you are done with adding the necessary attributes to your segment, simply save it with a name that describes what the segment contains (e.g.: Desktop browsers).


Edit an existing segment

You can edit any existing segment by clicking on the segment in your Segment Library and selecting the ‘Edit’ option.


However, please be mindful when editing segments that are being used for live tests or published optimal variations as you could end up unintentionally modifying the audience for these projects. For that reason, when a segment you’re about to edit is already in use, you will get a warning message asking you to confirm your decision to edit it.


Watch the video “creating an audience segment” here