Custom Data Extracts

You can set up a test to capture custom data. This could be for any number of reasons. A few examples would be:

  1. Capturing free-form text from a field on the page
  2. Recording revenue on a confirmation page for further offline analysis
  3. Saving the number of items per transaction

Assuming this has been set up as part of the test you can go ahead and check that this data is being captured correctly by previewing the test and then performing the action.

Now you can click on the ‘Create Extract’ button in the Optimize dashboard to perform an extract and check data is being captured correctly:

It’s also possible to access Extracts by clicking on the ‘Manage’ link at the top right corner of the dashboard and then selecting ‘Extracts’ from the menu:

The workflow will allow you to select certain data elements by checking or unchecking the boxes.


Click “Next” to continue.

Give your Extract a name and a description to allow you to understand what the data extract is all about. Select a date range or choose “most recent data” and press complete.

You will now see a synopsis of your report- ensure that the report shows “complete” 

To download the report link on the download link within the report heading.