Creating a Baseline Test using the Advanced Editor

A baseline test is a data collection only project. It can be useful to qualify traffic before conducting an actual test.

What can a baseline be used for? >>

Select “Web page”  Project Type “Baseline”  and then “Advanced Editor” .


 Project Name – Projects are containers for tests on the same location

 Description – (Optional) but it is a good idea to add something here so you can remember exactly what this project is about

 Project Location – This defines the pages that are in scope for the project. Locations can be defined using the Location Manager. Click in the field to select an existing location

 Manage locations – Click here to generate a new location. Locations can be defined as single or multiple URLs or Regular Expressions to URLs that match a pattern.

 Test Alias – The test Alias is a label used to address the specific project. It is automatically generated by Optimize, but can be edited if necessary

 Split Details – this moves you on to the next stage

Once you have completed the form and you have clicked on the test details button you will see the Baseline Details Screen

Baselines do not offer any facility for variations but they do support pre and post rendering scripting which can be used to load JS functions/ libraries and coded conversions and data capture.To edit click “Edit”  for pre-rendering scripts and the second “Edit”  for Post-rendering scripts. A slider with space for your scripts will appear to the right of the page.