Creating a page load conversion using the Visual Editor

There are two methods to capture visits to specific pages by visitors. These pages may be your conversion goals, but could be any page of interest to your test.

Page Load Event by Browsing

Select Interactive Mode button to allow you to browse through your site.

As soon as you reach a page that you want to track, select the “Add a conversion event” button and select “Page load event by Browsing” option from the menu.

Name the page conversion and click save.

Page Load Event by URL Entry

In addition, test pages can directly entered as URLs. These may be pages not immediately accessible by browsing. Page load events by URL entry supports both single and multiple URLs.

Select the “Add a conversion event” button  and select “Page load event by URL entry”  from the menu.


Enter the page URL that you wish to track visitors reaching. Multiple URLs can be added by clicking on the + and – buttons.

Click Save.