Webtrends Optimize® 2.0

Take a look at the new features and functionality of Webtrends Optimize 2.0

(Turn your volume down before you play)

Webtrends Optimize® 2.0 launched in the autumn of 2017. This marks our move away from the Flash UI that we’ve been using for the last 8 years for both test creation and reporting. We understand the confusion that may arise from the various places under which things can be done. To help, we’ve openly detailed what you can do, and where.

How to get access

Step 1. Ensure you have Google Chrome Browser Installed

This can be downloaded from here


Step 2. Download and Install Webtrends Chrome Browser Extensions

See video below


Google Chrome Browser Extension one here

Google Chrome Browser Extension two here


Step 3. Open Webtrends Optimize


(it’s worth bookmarking this link in your browser)

You will now see the new dashboard and have access to additional functionality.


For full details of this new release check out our FAQ’s